Is allergy immunotherapy for me?

Allergy immunotherapy could bring long-term relief from allergy symptoms. Try our quick quiz to find out more about allergy immunotherapy and the different treatment options.

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Disclaimer: It’s important to note this questionnaire is not a substitute for a medical consultation. The information given here is intended solely as a starting point to talk about allergy immunotherapy with your healthcare provider.

Why choose allergy immunotherapy?

If avoiding your allergy triggers or symptom relief medication doesn’t cut it, perhaps it’s time to talk to your healthcare provider about allergy immunotherapy.

Allergy shots or tablets?

There are only two types of FDA-approved allergy immunotherapy. Allergy shots (injections just under the skin) and allergy tablets (fast-dissolving tablets under the tongue).

Our quick questionnaire can help you find out if allergy immunotherapy could be for you and identify which type might suit you and your lifestyle. You can download your answers and take them with you to discuss with your healthcare provider. Together, you can decide on a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Why choose allergy immunotherapy?

What is allergy immunotherapy?

The goal of allergy immunotherapy is that your trigger isn’t a trigger anymore. It’s that simple.

Allergy immunotherapy treatment works naturally with your body, targeting the underlying allergy, not the symptoms. Through controlled, repeated doses of your allergy trigger over a period of time, immunotherapy teaches your immune system to get used to the allergen.

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What is allergy immunotherapy?

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