Our Editorial Policy

klarify helps people with allergies find out about their condition so they can make confident informed choices on how to manage it.

That’s our mission and it guides everything we do. From what we write about and how we present information, to the rigour with which we test the quality of our content before we publish it.

How we create our content

Our aim is to support you to live well with allergy. When we think something can make a difference, we tell you about it. We strive to be balanced and fair. For instance, if there’s a side effect but it happens rarely, we’ll say so. We will never try to scare you but nor will we keep to ourselves information that could be relevant.

klarify strives to be inclusive and diverse, knowing that allergy may affect you differently depending on your age, gender and ethnicity – and where you live. We regularly interview people with allergies and carry out audience surveys so that we can understand your needs.

Sources of information

klarify content is backed by science and by other reputable and relevant sources. We consult peer-reviewed medical journals, government bodies, academic institutions and organizations that advocate for people with allergy. Our writers take care to reflect the intention of each source.

Medical knowledge is always evolving and we want to make sure the information we’re sharing with you is up to date. So we regularly review our content and the sources behind it. We also mentor and coach our editorial team on how to meet the high standards we and our readers expect.

Our editorial team

klarify writers are chosen for their specialist healthcare and medical knowledge, and relevant life experience (some of our writers are affected by allergy too). They are skilled at communicating complex ideas simply, without clichés or jargon.

As well as writers, our editorial team includes graphic designers and fact-checkers, proof-readers and editors. The team works together on every article, ensuring it’s the best it can be.

And then we check it again.

Reviewed by experts

The medical approver reviews every piece of klarify content, both words and pictures. Content is discussed and adjusted where necessary to meet these strict criteria:

  • factually correct
  • robust and substantiated
  • representative of the body of knowledge about the topic
  • appropriate to our different audiences

A klarify medical review also makes sure all content is ethically written. It must comply with the laws and regulations in the country where you live. And it must be neutral, non-biased and non-promotional.

Objectivity and full disclosure

klarify is the sister brand to ALK, a pioneering Danish allergy company set up in 1923. Day to day, we operate separately. But we benefit from ALK’s expertise and share the same quality and ethical principles in delivering valuable information to people with allergy when they need us most.

Read more about ALK here.


We are always open to correction and to clarification. That’s why we invite your feedback on every article we publish. We want to hear your questions about allergy and about your experiences. So please do get in touch. We’re here to support you on your allergy journey.